Apr 24, 2014


I made this pair of earrings last fall.  But I just haven't been happy with them since I made them.  I used waxed linen cord to string all of the beads together, which worked well, but they didn't dangle and jiggle like I want my earrings to do.  So I decide to redo them last night.



I like the after much better and they dangle and giggle the earrings are supposed to, so that you feel all girly and feminine when wearing them.

These are listed in my Etsy Jewelry Shop.

Love and Peace,

Apr 17, 2014

New Listings

I did not get much response from my give-a-way.  But, that's okay.  I've sent the beads and charms off to the winner, Stephanie LaRosa, and I can't wait to see what she creates with them.  I'm going ahead with the new line and I am calling it Modern Chic. I just listed some in my Etsy Shop.

These are priced a little lower than my Vintage Chic Pendants and Beads.  They are not as labor intensive and take less time to make.  I can also make multiples of these, though naturally each one will vary as is the nature of handmade.

I'm working on a large custom order and some new beads and pendants for my shop.  I'm settled in my studio for the day with coffee, the wiener dog and my iPod. I'm wishing everyone a happy and peaceful day.

Love and Peace,

Apr 12, 2014

Just Playin' around...

I was playing around with my camera settings this morning and decided to photograph some pendant and bead groupings.

All of these pendants and beads are available in my Etsy Shop.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Love and Peace,

Apr 10, 2014

New Artist's Design

Rebecca Griffith of Rebecca's Well, on Etsy,  took advance of some of my Sale Bundles.  This intricate and unique design is the first piece she has created.

So much time and effort went into this very detailed necklace.

You can see all of Rebecca's work in her Etsy Shop.

Love and Peace,

Apr 9, 2014

New Batch in the Works

I have all of the clay pieces cut for a new batch of pendants and beads.  They are not very pretty right now, but some will be transformed into lovely pendants and some will be transformed into lovey beads.  More than half of these are for a custom order I am working on, but the rest will be listed in my Etsy Shop as soon as they are finished.  Some may even be used in new jewelry.

Love and Peace,

Apr 8, 2014

New Designs and a Give-a-Way

I've been playing around with some new designs lately.  My goal was to create something simple.  While I love my Vintage Chic line and will continue to make it.  Sometimes, it can be a little much when wanting to create a simple jewelry design.  

All of the beads and charms in the photographs are prototypes.  I'm still playing around with colors, but I am happy with the ones pictured. I have to admit though, the lilac flower is my favorite so far.  Both the beads and charms are double sided.  Also, I can take orders for these. So, if a customer wanted to order 12 crosses in the marbled patina (the color of the little butterfly in the back), I could make them without a problem.  Do you remember my Round Marbled Beads? Which, I realize I haven't made in a while, but I'm planning to make a new batch soon, I hope.  Anyway,  the front and back of the these beads and pendants are colored the same way.  I have color swatches on my website, and I hope to have ordering information up soon.

I would love to know what you think about the new line.  Is it a keeper?  To make this more fun, I've decided to do a give-a-way.  Leave a comment with your thoughts and a name suggestion for this new line and I will do a random drawing in one week (Tuesday, April 15, 2014) to give away all of the beads and charms in the photos (13 beads and charms).

I look forward to reading your suggestions.

Love and Peace,

Apr 3, 2014

New Artist Designs.

Two weekends ago, I went to a women's retreat at a nearby lake, came home and spent a few days working in my studio, then I decided that I needed a tiny sabbatical of quite, me time.  My mojo was not flowing, so instead of trying to force it, like I usually do, I took a few days off.  I relaxed, read a couple of books and let my mind wonder.  Now I feel refreshed and ready to get back to work.

So, I thought I would start with a blog post, showing off some new designs.

The first one is by the amazing Kristy Abner of Kristy's Kreations.  I can't convey to you how much I love this necklace - Boho Token. I especially love the deerskin leather.

 Do you remember the bracelet I showed you a couple of weeks ago by Andrea Pinkston of Andrea's Jewelry?  This is the necklace she created to match the bracelet.

And, this is an new bracelet she created in my favorite shade of purple.  This lovely bracelet, as well as the other pieces I've showed you are part of a line of spiritual jewelry available in her Etsy Shop.  I'm working on a large order for Andrea, so expect to see a lot more from her.

I'll be away tomorrow, enjoy of a day out with the ladies at Canton Trade Days.  I wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

Love and Peace,

Mar 18, 2014

Sale Bundles

This past weekend, my son moved back home to live for a little while.  When we moved last summer, we downsized, so we no longer have a spare room.  This means that I get to share my studio with my son.  In the process of moving things around, cleaning out, clearing off and making room for him, I found a box of beads and pendants.  I'm not sure where some of these came from.  I think I had them at a show and forgot about them.  Anyway, I combined them with some of the beads and pendants that had been sitting around in my Etsy Shop for a while and created Sale Bundles.

I am in the process of listing them in my Etsy Shop.  I hope to have them all listed before I go to bed tonight.  These are excellent prices for these little bundles, and you can still use the coupon codes.  Each bundle is unique and will not be offered again.  

I also have lots of other great pendants and beads still available in my Etsy Shop.  You can purchase regular priced pieces and sale bundles and use a coupon code on your entire purchase.

Love and Peace,

Mar 11, 2014

New Artist's Design

Good evening!  I hope everyone is have a wonderful week.

Andrea Pinkston of Andrea's Jewelry created this beautiful bracelet, featuring one my Vintage Chic Tiny Cross Beads in Cracked Ivory.

This one sold right away, but I've noticed another one has popped up in her Etsy Shop.

We are having beautiful weather this week in North Texas.  I am enjoying all of the sun, and spending a lot of time in my studio playing and experimenting with new ideas.

Love and Peace,

Mar 10, 2014

In the Studio....

Guess what I've been doing?

That's right I've been playing with alcohol inks.

I've been wanting to make swatches of my round bead colors for awhile now.

Once I accomplished this, I started working on something else that I am really excited about, but not ready to show off yet. You can see the swatches along with their names on my website.  I'm working on getting photos of the beads up and ordering info soon.

I hope everyone is working on something fun and creative this week.

Love and Peace,