Oct 30, 2012

Gallery Update

I apologize for not posting this before now.  Life has been crazy at the Eason household.  My husband and I are both up against deadlines that are taking a lot of our attention, yet still trying to deal with the day to day.  

But, I am very happy to take a short break from all of the craziness to show you these wonderful designs.  

Terri of DecorateU created these two pretty necklaces, using a Vintage Chic Cross Charm and a Vintage Chic Fleur de lis Charm in Faux Metal. Terri's shop is new and awaiting it's first sale.  So, please take a moment to hop over and see all of her lovelies.

This beautiful necklace is from Ninna Puhakka.  What a great necklace for fall, and so feminine!

Since the first day I was able to take the studs out of my ears, after having them pierced, I have been addicted to earrings.  My favorite part of getting dressed is choosing the earrings I will wear that day.  Because I work with my hands, I don't wear my wedding ring every day, but I almost always wear earrings.  During the hot months in Texas, you will very seldom see me in a necklace, bracelet, or even a watch.  I find them uncomfortable to wear in the heat. But, I will still wear my earrings!

I love Marie's earring designs, so of course, I own several pair.  I am always excited to see the new designs she has created with my charms, like the first pair.  But, I was super excited to see the earrings she created using my beads, in the last two photos.  They are simple, yet very pretty and eye catching.  

Hmmm, both pairs of earrings in green would go well with what I am wearing today.  :}

This may be my last post for awhile, as I am getting ready for my one and only show of the season, on November 10.  

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.

Love and Peace,


  1. Thanks for once again including me :) I always love to read what you say about everyone's designs.

  2. These are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing!