Nov 20, 2012


It seems a little strange to post photos of my beautiful rose bushes that are still in full bloom, and then, in the next photo - Christmas Charms.

I can't believe I still have so many blooms on my rose bushes.

 ..and lots of buds, waiting to bloom.  I think they will get their chance.  We are expecting beautiful, warm weather for the next several days.

I remember Thanksgivings when the weather was so warm that my cousins and I would go outside and play games in short sleeves and jeans.  I also remember Thanksgivings when we would all be crowded in the back room of my Grandma's house, complaining about being bored, because even with coats, the weather was too cold to play outside.  This is Texas weather.

But, regardless of the beautiful, spring-like weather, Christmas is fast approaching.  The official Christmas shopping season starts Friday.  In celebration of the upcoming season, I have a few Christmas Charms available.

If you see any you want, let me know.  I will create a reserved order for you.  I will be listing these in my Etsy Shop, early next week.

Love and Peace,

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