Jan 22, 2013

Gallery Update

I'll be adding these designs to the Gallery pages on my Web Site.

I love these earrings by Kari Asbury of Hippie Chic Jewelry Design.  They are so fun!!! 

Kari has been busy making a lot of awesome designs with my charms, and somehow, I managed to not see them.  I discovered them in her Etsy Shop while I was preparing for this blog post.  I love them all.  I couldn't choose a favorite if I had to.

 This is a great necklace by Kristi Harrison of Keepsakes by Kristi.  This would look so good with a white button down and a pair of jeans!

Cherrie Fick of En La Lumiere has outdone herself with these designs.  I am particularly excited out the necklaces she made with my new Vintage Chic Charms in Faux Metal.

 This last, very pretty necklace is by Traci Zeller of Downtown Glam, formally know as Getta Gift Jewellery.  I am so proud that she included my little charm in this necklace with so many pretty beads.

You have worked very hard this year, and you deserve to treat yourself.  Any one of these would be a great place to find a little treat for yourself.  

I'll, hopefully, be back with another blog post tomorrow, showing off some new charms, including new charm shapes.  First, I have about a billzillion  photos to edit, and I need to get my web shop back online.

Love and Peace,


  1. Thank you as always for the wonderful words! I love all the other designs too. I am always delighted to see so many different styles for your wonderful charms and everyone so beautiful :)

  2. Ahhh, thanks for the feature!! I made another heart necklace I need to get you a picture of! Both will head to an art gallery this week! :)

  3. Apparently I need to start making new jewelry! I need to keep up with all these fabulous pieces!! Awesome!!